How to Use Holiday Season to Grow Blog Traffic?

Holiday season is a time that can be used to significantly grow website traffic. When many bloggers are resting on their year end laurels and busy slowly getting into grove for 2020, you can instead use the holiday rush to get a large volume of traffic. 

There is a clear way to increase traffic during the holiday season at the end of the year. For bloggers who have just started running a blog, making use of the holiday break is a great way of seeing an increase in traffic. It is no secret that people are more likely to consume more content when they have free time. The holiday season is thus a prime time for many bloggers.

This is not just restricted to online retail brands trying to make an extra buck during the holiday season. A variety of different marketing objectives become simpler to achieve during the holiday season. Lead generation, for instance, can be improved a lot with the help of a coordinated push on social media, blog content, and email. Since people are much more likely to dabble with different types of content and ready to buy a variety of products and services during holiday time.

In this article, we offer some tips on how blog traffic can be increased during the holiday season.

Find Intersection Between Holiday Season and Your Niche

You cannot improve blog traffic during the holiday season without creating a content narrative that connects the holiday season with your niche. For example, online retailers often run marketing campaign during the holiday season named ‘Christmas Sale’ or ‘New Year Rush’. These campaigns are aimed at people who wiling to spend money in the holiday season. The intersection between online retail and the holiday season works perfectly. 

As a blogger, you have to establish the same connection between your niche and the holiday season. Consider for example that you run a blog on content writing and want to grow your email list during the holiday season. You know that since the New Year is coming, people are likely to search for things they want to learn and know better. If you create content encouraging people to make ‘writing’ their New Year resolution, you are in effect creating an intersection between your niche and the holiday season. 

Create Holiday-Centric Content

People are more likely to indulge themselves during the holiday season because the atmosphere around them keeps reinforcing the festivities. Whether it is the use of decorative lighting or targeted messaging through TV ads and social media posts, all such activity is geared towards reminding people of the holiday season. 

The content you create should emphasize this further. Even though your niche might not cover holiday-centric themes, you should find a way to address the holiday season nonetheless.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers two important tips that can be used to grow website traffic during the holiday season. 

About the Author – KishanSoni is a highly-regarded digital marketing trainer with a number of years in the industry. He currently works at Eduburg, an institute known to be the best at providing a digital marketing training in Delhi