Lifting & Manual Handling – UK Back Injury Solicitors – Work accident Compensation Claims

Back injury caused by improper lifting technique causes more absences from work than all other work injuries added together. Employers have a duty to ensure that workers are trained in lifting technique but more importantly they must put in place mechanical systems that remove the necessity for manual handling where reasonably possible. This latter requirement does not totally remove the necessity for manual handling and where manual handling is necessary it is incumbent on the employer to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that the dangers of manually handling the item in question are identified and that relevant action is taken to prevent injury. Manual handling of larger items is often a dangerous team project especially in the construction industry and employers are expected to ensure that co-workers are competent, experienced and fully trained. UK back injury solicitors are aware of most of the hazards associate with manual handling and will deal with a claim using the no win no fee scheme.

Employers Responsibilities

An employers failure to protect employees will ensure success in a compensation claim made by UK back injury solicitors. An employer must by law carry out certain actions in regard to manual handling to reduce the risk of an employee suffering from back injury :-

    employer must carry out risk assessments for all potentially hazardous activities

    once identified reasonable steps must be taken to reduce risk of back injury

    an employee given a particular job must be up to the task in aptitude and training

    there must be provision of mechanical handling equipment where reasonably possible

    safety equipment and protective clothing must be available and maintained in perfect order

    all co-workers must have adequate training and supervision for tasks that carry risk

    adequate numbers of competent co-workers must be available to assist with the procedure