UK Accident Claim Solicitors – MVA Collision Compensation

The most common cause of a personal injury compensation claim in the UK court system relates to injuries sustained in car accidents. Whiplash injury is the single most common accidental injury for which compensation is sought. There is a substantial risk that you will be injured in a road traffic accident at some point in your lifetime – most of us are. Accident claim solicitors deal with car accident compensation claims on behalf of motor vehicle drivers, motorcycle riders, cyclists, passengers and pedestrians and call upon a specialist panel of medical consultants to provide private advice on personal injury and appropriate treatment which can be arranged on a private basis with the third party insurers paying the cost. Accident claim solicitors engage employment consultants and other experts to maximise the potential value of your claim. Most accident claim solicitors are members of the Solicitors Regulation Authority panel of personal injury experts.

Car Accident Compensation Awards

Damages paid out in a car accident compensation claim are divided into several categories the most important of which are pain and suffering, property damage, loss of wages and cost of care in appropriate cases. Pain and suffering is determined by a judge after consideration of similar, previously decided cases, guidelines provided by the Judicial Studies Board and personal experience a practicing lawyer, based on the extent of the injury, the recovery period and the effect of any residual injury or disability. Property damage not only includes damage to your vehicle but also covers diminution in value of a repaired vehicle and the recovery of any excess that is paid out to insurers plus the cost of any enhanced future insurance premiums. Wages loss includes salary lost up to the point of settlement and any estimated future losses including a sum for disadvantage on the labour market due to residual disabilities. Care cost which can be claimed includes both paid care and a sum in lieu of free or gratuitious care provided by friends and relatives both for the past and estimated for the future.